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I invite you to engage in the Art of Self Love. Face your inner bully and heal your inner child.

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My Experience

I have over 30 years of diverse clinical experience, including working with people with cancer, HIV/AIDS, and Co-occurring disorders, providing both individual and group therapy, training, and staff and peer education. 

In my work with individual clients I work regularly with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and more. I use methods such as Inner Child Therapy, Guided Visualization, art, and journaling. I tailor sessions to the individual.


I was neglected and abused as a child. I worked with Alice, learning to take care of little me, doing things I had pending and never fulfilled. I became the main caregiver of my inner child, which finally helped me grow and become a more confident adult. I am finally less scared of the world.


Alice helped me move through a crossroads, leave a job that was becoming harmful to me, recognize that the voice in my head abusing and belittling me was an artifact of my own trauma (and not worth listening to), and refocus on healing and bringing joy to the 10 year old in my heart who was desperately in need of it. I eventually left the job, moved across the country, and began a business with my best friend that feeds that little girl daily. I am not a “healed” person, but I am healing all the time.



My Therapist, Protector, Spirit Mom and Confidant till the End. Thank you Alice for the never ending kindness, support and tools you have shown and provided me with!

About me

Early in my career I was still fighting my inner Bully–a term I give to the negative voice shouting in my (and all) our heads, the compound voice of all my perpetrators. I decided to consciously take on my Bully by trying stone carving. I did not want to take any classes, thinking this would subvert the Bully’s chronic criticism, especially artistically. Well, I was able to sign up and rent studio space without artistic instruction, so that was a win!

Much of the time I was able to enjoy myself and the process, especially the tactile quality of the work. However, when it came time to bring my first piece home, I felt embarrassed, humiliated, not good enough…blah, blah, blah. The Bully was loud! When I brought it into the house my partner–bless her heart–said she liked it, but it was extremely difficult to let that praise in.

Over time I was able to make my Bully quieter. In part, this was through being present in the physicality of stone carving, but it also involved a lot of other work: affirmations, positive prayer, labyrinth walking, and what I like to call “heart art”. Now I can clearly see and calmly claim that I am an artist!

The stone pictured on my site is Joy in Her Soul.

How to Defeat Your Inner Bully

This is a quick summary of the work I have engaged in for myself and guided many people through.

Step 1:

Recognize that you have one — a Bully — that it is the negative voice that runs in your head, and that it probably runs your life.

Step 2:

Reconceptualize it as your perpetrators. That’s not your voice — it’s THEIRS!

Step 3

Name your Bully. This is surprisingly empowering! It allows for a bit of mental separation from your Negative Mind.

Step 4

Tame your Bully. Build up your positive mental muscle through affirmations and other methods of retraining your mind.

A stone statue of Jizo stands in a garden.

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